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What is an inspirational speaker?

Do you want to motivate your pupils to achieve their goals? If so, have you considered inviting someone who can help you do this?

A inspirational speaker is someone with an amazing life story to tell – but it isn’t just the story itself that will motivate the audience, it is the way they tell it and the passion behind it that makes their speeches all the more inspiring.

Should I hire an Inspirational Speaker or a Motivational Speaker?

The difference between a Motivational Speaker and an Inspirational speaker is subtle; on many levels the two are interchangeable, and both types of speakers often possess similar qualities.

Motivational Speakers typically help organisations, leaders and individuals become more efficient and excited about what they’re already doing. When pupils (or employees) have lost their motivation to perform adequately or further excel in their current positions, a motivational speaker can renew their passion for their work.

An Inspirational Speaker takes motivational speaking to the next level. Inspirational speakers are the heroes, visionaries and dreamers whose personal lives are often testimonies to the human spirit. Their compelling tales of inspiration cannot help but make audiences look at the big picture of their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves possible.

A great inspirational speaker is extremely passionate about their message and easily delivers it in a relatable and riveting manner, all the while drawing the listener in on a deep emotional level.

If we wanted something slightly different to what’s suggested, is that possible?

Yes. Listed on the website are Emily’s 3 most common requests – An assembly, special event talk or an athletics masterclass. If neither of these suit your needs and there was something different that you had in mind, then please do not hesitate to get in contact with Emily, as she will be able to chat it over with you and try to accommodate your needs or suggest alternate options.

Does Emily bring her medals with her to events?

Yes. Emily will bring her main medals with her (usually her 2016 Olympic Bronze, 2016 European Silver, 2016 National Gold and 2017 World Silver). 

How much does it cost for Emily to visit our school?

Prices vary slightly depending on each individual booking, so if you get in touch with Emily, she will be able to talk through your chosen event with you and discuss subsequent prices. 

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If you would like to book Emily to visit your school or work place, or would like to discuss options in more depth, please do not hesitate to get in touch either via the form opposite or by clicking on the email address link below.

Emily will reply to your enquiry as soon as she can.


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